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In the slimline bathroom vanity, several design challenges arise. We need to think more about how to use space per square inch. You can not do much about the toilet, shower, or bath a lot, but you can update your vanity by making your toilet a very different appearance.

The best small bathroom dresser refreshes your bath so it looks bigger and more modern. If you choose to maximize the vanity of your table area, you not only have a more beautiful bathroom, but also have a feature.

To increase the space in your toilet, consider adding a floating shelf to your toilet to hold your toothbrush, hand disinfectant, cosmetics and other small items. Please visit more space saving products for your small bathroom.

Kohler’s persuasion series is designed for families who challenge cities and the universe. The open shelf ($ 730 to $ 830 depending on the sink color) to keep this vanity looks too fat. It has two functional drawers you can quickly hide cluttiness vanity. Scrub glass is ideal for basket towels and other items.

For the latest trends in modern bathroom designs, try replacing them with floating walls such as Aeri ($ 632) with towel racks incorporated. For modern looks as well as small bathrooms, this is a very good solution.

IKEA is one of the best resources for small furniture, but Lillangen ($ 209) is disappointing. This version of the cabinet is not the smallest even in the series, there is a wide range of 16 inches wide. However, this can be done from the front and sides for additional shelves. Given that it is equipped with stainless steel hooks, soap trays and trays, this has the possibility of the most practical vanity on our list.

The DecoLav injection dresser ($ 905) comes with three parts that you can immediately add to your bathroom. The hardwood dressing table is only 24 inches wide and is suitable for most small spaces, but the integrated chrome bar is an ideal place for one or two towels. This set also includes a 23 x 31 inch mirror and a modern vertical shelf (shown in the toilet on the picture) to complete the appearance of the bathroom.

Fine Fixtures Glenwood vanity ($ 450) is the lightest choice when space is really needed. It is less than 10 inches in depth, but the shelf has a convenient storage space under the shelf. Glass porcelain integrated sink is used in advance to offset faucet.


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